Dear Friends and Dear Users of ScenalyzerLive!

A few years ago, the ScenalyzerLive project has been discontinued because it became too complicated to handle the various HD formats with a program that was completely built around the DV format.
Since November 2010, licenses for Sclive are no longer sold, however, a fully functional license key, the manual and the software can still be downloaded for free on this website as a service for existing users.

I would like to send a big
„Thank you!“ to all registered users and everybody who supported the scenalyzerLive project!

Best regards, Andreas Winter

The software, the manual and the license key are available here:



The key and the program may not be published without written permission from Andreas Winter. You may use the software as it is with this license. There is no support, no express or implied warranty on this application, not even a promise that it will work.

Scenalyzer is a project of Andreas Winter, 1220 Wien, Austria
contact: andreas döt winter ät scenalyzer döt com